In order to describe my work I would first like to point out some preliminary ideas: what art means to me and what my conception of the present day artist is. I believe art to be a generator of human discourse, space and critical thinking. I don’t regard it as tautology but a mechanism of critique. Consequently, I try to avoid all types of aesthetic or conceptual stagnation in order to stimulate that critical element. I endeavour to encapsulate all of this in my work by confronting ideas and discourse and looking for debate and conflict. In relation to this I defend the role of the artist as being of a flexible nature: a figure who questions his own purpose in the place and time in which he inexorably exists. I believe this figure to be revealing, communicative, an observer, and hyperpermeable in its contemporary condition. A creative role of a piece of work which is subject to a constant research process; promulgating thought and critical conscience rather than a mere creator of aesthetic experiences.


In my work you can observe the aforementioned ideas and in it I constantly try to research and experiment. In relation to this, I use different formats, environments and materials which on some occasions do not bear much relation to Fine Art. At the same time I usually carry out research on certain subjects such as politics and philosophy. As a result my work is inevitably nurtured by this. I believe the aforementioned to be an essential characteristic as regards my creative development.


Throughout my portfolio there are two predominant themes: symbology and the individual in the social context. In the first theme I display my interest in image as an expression of social, political and cultural elements. I am also very interested in the study of how the aesthetic nature of the image has had and has a strong influence on the human being throughout history. In the second theme I love dealing with different conflicts and problems which the human being is faced with nowadays. I like to think of a piece of art as a humanist action in which both the creator and the observer establish a reciprocal relation where sociocultural and political history are both present.


I regard my work as an exercise in critical thinking, conscience, freedom and meditation and through which I try to communicate with the world around me. It is also my most reliable tool for studying this world. My main goal is to create a piece of art which arouses the observer, inviting them to think about it and establish a bond between the public, the artist and the piece of art.



Curriculum Vitae



2009/2015 BA+MA Fine Arts (Licenciatura). Faculty of Fine Arts, Salamanca.

          Honors: Photography

2013/2014 Erasmus Programme: Sculpture and Intermedia. University of Arts and Design, Gdańsk.

          Honors: Intermedia Art, Issues of Contemporary Art

2006/2009 High School Degree of Arts. School of Arts and Crafts, Salamanca


Collective Exhibitions (Selec.)

2015 “Non estamos, unha exposición de novos artistas”, YMCA, Vigo.

2014 “Blackout”, Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, Gdańsk

     “Visto por 25”, La Alhóndiga Art Space, Zamora

     “Biopower and Bioactivism, Art in the era of Posthumanism”, Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk

     ”Re - Akcje 2”, ASP Gdańsk

2013 “LAB A_7”, Faculty of Fine Arts, Salamanca

     “La exposición más pequeña del mundo”, Faculty of Fine Arts, Salamanca

     “Ameba”, Faculty of Fine Arts, Salamanca



2013 3K Art Digital Art Space


Prizes (Selec.)

2014 “I Premio Independiente Ameba”, Video Art First Prize



2015 “V Encontro de Artistas Novos na Cidade da Cultura”, City of Culture, Santiago

     “I Jornadas de Arte Castilla y León”, Contemporary Art Museum DA2, Salamanca



2014 “Expression Workshop” with Anna Kalwajtys, ASP Gdańsk

     “The Artist and His Work”, University of Salamanca

2011 “Photographic Narrative” Blank Paper Photography School, Madrid



2015 “Tos Nerviosa” Fanzine

2014 Alternativa International Contemporary Visual Art Festival 2014, Gdánsk

     Intermedia Art and BioArt, Biology University, Gdańsk


Additional Education

2015 “Responsive Web Design: HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery Mobile”, University of Salamanca

2012 “Digital Painting”, University of Salamanca

     “Professional Video Edition”, University of Salamanca

     “Sculpture and 2.5 Painting”, University of Salamanca

2010 “Video Art Introduction Course”, Central Saint Martins, London